Living Atlas

Late last year, I attended one of ESRI’s webinars about their relatively new data product: Living Atlas¬†(click on the link to access the archived recording).

It be honest, I’m not exactly sure how it is different from all the other online content they provide. However, during the webinar, they promised¬†more precise (and better) aerial imagery. They called it DigitalGlobe Basemap +Vivid.

I haven’t seen that data product – yet. I imagine it will be folded into their World Imagery layer?

Regardless, the webinar did remind me of all the great content available on ESRI ArcGIS Online. While some data layers are suspect and should be avoided, those from trusted sources with complete metadata provide easy access to information I would otherwise have to go hunting for from original sources.

If you are like me, often you just need a reference layer to orient yourself to a place or discover things nearby. Adding layers from ArcGIS Online to my desktop working document can help with that process.

To learn more about all the data ESRI offers online, click on the picture below.