Story Maps

For better or worse, we have moved into a virtual world. And with the proliferation of mobile devices, we take that virtual world with us everywhere we go.

Maps have made the leap to that ever expanding landscape and so has Digital Mapping Solutions. We now offer web map and Story Map services.

Take a few moments to peruse the Story Maps we created for our clients and for personal use.

DMS – 2015 in Review

A Map Journal with a floating panel on the right hand side, this story map reviews many of the projects Digital Mapping Solutions worked on in 2015. It offers a glimpse into our principals many skills and breath of experience, as well as a few personal photos.

Internet Censorship

Using the Countdown template with a fixed left hand panel, this story map lists the types of internet censorship in each country ranked by Freedom House in 2015.

Truckee Airport District Trail Development

Using the Bulleted Map Series template, this story map shows four different trail configurations for a planned trail development in Truckee, CA. Stakeholders were able to compare each option using this story map.

Significant Fires in Sonoma County

The basic story map tour template utilizes a classic design and this example showcases its use perfectly. This story map features history fires in Sonoma County that reached over 5,000 acres. It is interesting to note that many fires visit the same location periodically.

Logging Along the Gualala River

Sometimes a map layer can be overwhelming. Having the ability to quickly exclude, then include that information can be helpful in making a statement. In this example, using the Sideswipe template allowed us to show the cumulative impact of multiple, small acreage logging units over many years along the Gualala River.