Sonoma Land Trust

What better way to learn about the place you live than volunteering for a local non-profit?

Late last year, I did just that with the Sonoma Land Trust. While cleaning up an illegal Cannabis farm, I discovered yet another great location in Sonoma County – the Laugenburg Ranch near Calistoga. While there, I and my fellow volunteers also helped to clean up the remains of a previous tree planting effort. It was satisfying to help out and learn more about this great county I’ve adopted as my new home.

The farm is not open to the public, but they do occasional guided walks. You can join the Sonoma Land Trust’s email newsletter and find out when you might get a chance to view a special place in our community.

If you’d rather not get your hands dirty or take a walk in the woods, there’s a great benefit concert coming up on Feb 14th, 2014:

kitaroThe concert by Kitaro will help out three great organizations: Sonoma Land Trust, Santa Rosa Symphony and Everybody is a Star Foundation. You can buy tickets here.